Folkestone Moves is a participatory project made and presented as part of the Folkestone Fringe 2014, made through support from Arts Council England.

The project brought three artists together: A filmmaker (Gemma Riggs), a choreographer (Laura Murphy) and a sound artist (JJ Maurage) to work with Folkestone residents.

The work takes Folkestone’s changing social landscape as its starting point, and explores how the ongoing development will affect how people move through the town, how they connect to its urban geography and how memories of the town affect their everyday engagement with it.

An open call for participants brought together a group of local people who met for two weeks in October 2014. Through a series of choreographic workshops, the group explored gesture and movement relating to everyday stories of past and present and the body’s relationship to space and architecture.

The final multi-screen film work was shown at the Brewery Tap Gallery and installed outside in Folkestone Harbour on 25th October 2014.