a big brush reworking of a small image found in a Cape Town newspaper; it is about arcadia- idyllic scenery which offers the viewer everything needed for a safe and pleasant life: shelter, shade, sunshine, greenery, clean water. A cave with a view.
The image was a property advertisement in the sought-after City Bowl area, in what was originally the waterfront when the european settlers first used the Cape as a garden to replenish the seafarers; later the bay was filled in to claim more land as the foreshore, a windswept business and dockland, leaving the desirable lower reaches of Table Mountain for establishment property.
Today,it's a political question in post apartheid South Africa as the country's dwellers contest ownership rights.
In the end none of this matters; it is simply a very appealing image no matter how broadly painted; not much information is needed to convey the suggestion that this is a good spot to be in, whoever we are, wherever we come from, Arcadia works for us all.